Mira Gut and Sydney

The day we took the ferry from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia was a beautiful one. The temperature the next day was 26°. We finally got to wear summer clothes for the first time

Or first stop was Mira Gut.

We stopped in Sydney to take care of those necessary chores – – – propane, gas, groceries topped off by a wonderful walk along the harbour.

This fiddle statue celebrates the importance of music in Cape Breton. It stands 17 metres tall and weighs 8 tons.

This ‘Merchant Mariner Monument’ commemorates the 1 in 7 mariners who died during the 25,000 voyages to bring supplies to the Battle of the Atlantic in WWII.

We camped right along the boardwalk. Can one ever tire of a beautiful sunset?

What’s next? Cape Breton for the Kitchenfest.


  1. The Mariner’s Monument is quite stunning. Thanks for putting that picture in your blog. Always glad to get your stories and pictures. 🤗 A.

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