Burin Peninsula

As we drive along, we see so many ‘picture-wothy’ sites but we just can’t stop at them all. The prize, though, has to be the two baby moose who were up the road ahead of us. They were not going to let the sound of the truck interrupt their walk. Finally, they scampered off the road up through the grass.We stopped at a gas station to ask where we could find water for the camper. When we were getting back into the truck, a guy came up to say that he lived in an area that was not considered part of the city and, therefore, had artisian water. He invited us to fill up at his place not far away. This is his dog drinking from the water that was dripping out while we were filling.As mentioned before, Newfoundlanders are very friendly and willing to share information that leads to some of our fabulous experiences. Such was the case when Dwayne came by the river where we camped to let his son swim where he swam as a kid. He told us about an abandoned provincial park where we can find the oldest bridge in Newfoundland.The Burin Peninsula was really beautiful. Here are some pictures to give you an idea…The weather is getting much warmer leaving me undecided about whether I prefer the cold or the bugs that warm weather brings. I will let you know after I heal from the bites while basking in the long-awaited sunshine.


  1. Hi you two … looks like you are having a great time, meeting lots of interesting people and seeing some beautiful scenery!! You’re never going to want to head West again .. lol. Keep on enjoying the good life and take care 💕

    • That is so true! Our tentative plan had us leaving Newfoundland by now but we still have a few places we want to go. It’s so much fun changing our destination on a whim at the last minute. It’s lucky we have kids and grandkids… Otherwise it might be hard to find a reason to go west!

  2. You look like you are getting around. We are now in Twillingate and off to Bonavista tomorrow. Saw the ice bergs today. Beautiful country. Going along the coast tomorrow so will probably take a while to get to Bonavista. Keep having fun and enjoying your travels. Enjoyed our visit in St John’s, short but sweet…. keep on trekking…

    • Aren’t the iceburgs incredible? Glad you are enjoying your time here. We loved seeing you and spending a nice evening with you. I can’t wait to hear all about it and see your pictures!

  3. Thanks for your continuing travelogue. Most interesting and the pictures are great. Hope you have some kind of bug repellent because I don’t think you have a choice….

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