St. John’s, Bell Island

There are mundane parts of this trip. Our first stop in St. John’s was to get an oil change. Easy peasy you say? Not so when you have a camper on the truck. Only one of four places could do it.

We camped across the road from the Quidi Vidi Park and walked around the lake.

While Evan was waiting for me outside the camper, a fox came right by him with a rabbit in its mouth.

Since we had already covered the usual attractions in St. John’s on our cross-Canada trip in 2017, we decided to take a day trip to the Miners’ Museum at Bell Island.

Our other ‘must-do’ was to catch up with our friend Joyce from North Vancouver. Our plan was to meet for dinner, then go to the ‘Kitchen Party’ at Quidi Vidi.

First, we couldn’t get reservations for dinner anywhere so we decided to meet after dinner. When we arrived at Quidi Vidi, it was packed… even hard to find standing room let alone anywhere to sit. The band was not very good I am sorry to say.

We decided to go to another pub where we could hear each other.

We had been told the ‘Inne of Olde’ was a dive. We decided to try it out for ourselves. I mean we wanted a beer and to talk… How bad could it be? It really is a dive. It is so old (without the ‘e’) that it is almost charming.

But we had a fabulous time together exchanging travel stories so we got what we came for…a memorable experience!

Happy travels, Joyce!


  1. What is mundane about a fox with a rabbit in it’s mouth?! That’s amazing!! I would LOVE to see that in person.
    Looks like such a lovely area.

    • Mundane is the oil change. Lol. I am trying to convince Evan to keep his phone more handy. The fox was just a few feet away. It took him so long to get his phone out he missed getting a close up picture

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