Come By Chance and Grates Cove

On our way from Come By Chance to Grates Cove, we stopped at the Wooden Boat Museum in Winterton.

As often is the case, there is too much information to tell you and so little time so, I guess the best plan, is to suggest you see it for yourself. It is as wonderful as the trip to get here is.

Root Cellars are quite common in Newfoundland. You can find them all over the place but you have to keep an eye open for them since they often just look like mounds.

As if just to make my day complete, we find several more icebergs along the way.

his is the view from our camper window.

This is the view from our camper window.

Ahhh… This is the life!


  1. I am green. I have always wanted to see viking houses and icebergs! Looks like a great trip so far!

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