New Brunswick

Traveling off-the-beaten track can also mean no internet. This has been the case so we have some catching up to do. Our first stop in New Brunswick was Papineau Falls, near Bathurst.

According to the locals, while the mosquitoes and black flies were swarming, they were not biting yet. Well that was before they met me. Note to self: if you bother to make a note in the trip preparations to take insect repellent, take some bother to put it on.

We next visited Miscoe Island.

But this is not where we stayed. We stayed at Hay Island which we really enjoyed. It is a marsh that was dyked so that hay could be harvested back in the day. Today it is back to being a marsh. They have built a walkway throughout and a lighthouse is being restored there.

From here we went to Partridge Island and hiked up to the lookout but it was very foggy. The fog cleared considerably by the time we got back.

Later, we saw these nets so went over to visit the fishermen. It turned out they are catching herring. Why are the these nets so high? The tides this day were 38.5 feet!

The weather is still good… So all is well.

As I said, with only intermittent internet, we are several days behind. For example, we are in Lobster Cove, Newfoundland as we post this one. Needless to say, more to come.


      • I love it the Maritime Provinces. So many people never look in their own back yards for travel. I have and I am so glad I have seen most of it, but I find new gems to explore all the time. Cheers

        • That’s true. Our next trip is going to be more of our home province and north to Yukon and NWT. Not Alaska… I am boycotting USA for now

          • Good on you. I have been on a boycott too. Except for Katahdin last summer I haven’t been there in several years. I couldn’t turn down the chance to climb it with friends. Thanks

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