Pointe au Pere, QC

What we have realized, is that while Ontario doesn’t wake up until the long weekend in May, Quebec doesn’t open until the beginning of June.

The downside is that the information centres are closed in more remote areas. On the up side, the campsites are empty.

Though we lack in our language skills, the people of Quebec are very accommodating when they learn we only speak English.

We have met some really nice people like Luke and Adrian when we camped at Pointe au Pere a National Historic Site. They live around there and were camping for the weekend. It always amazes me how people of two different languages find ways to communicate. Point au Pere is a district of Rimouski, QC

Although it was not open for the season yet, the history written on the placards around this little village was enough to give you a good sense of the history.

The lighthouse is the 2nd tallest in Canada and one of the few to still have its prism. The ‘Empress of Ireland’, museum depicts the events around its sinking of this ship killing 1012 people traveling from Ireland in 1914.

There is a submarine at the pier and also several buildings around the lighthouse.

This was a very nice spot to camp. Here is a picture from our camper window.


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