Isle aux Cordes and Saguenay, QC

In Wendake, just north of Quebec City, we arrived at a very large field along the St. Lawrence River. We parked at the furthest corner. We were just getting settled, when we noticed a ship coming right at us! Turns out, we were right beside the Beauharnois Canal — and I mean right beside! So, we watched ships go through the canal.

From here, we took a ferry across to the Isle aux Coudes.

This is a lovely little island. We camped by the river.

We visited Les Moulins de l’isle aux Cordes. It is a Stone Mill that is still grinding wheat to this day.

Two permanent exhibitions are presented in the reception building. The first, “Homage to Work” displays the history of the Isle’s customs and traditions through the works of folk art artist Alfred Desgagnés. The second is a tribute to well-known filmmaker Pierre Perrault.

From here, we took the ferry back to the mainland to head up to Saguenay. As I was expecting this to be a highlight of our trip, I was somewhat disappointed. Although Quebec information centres have a considerable amount of printed material, we were not able to find information about where to get the best views except for commercial ventures like aerial and boat trips.

This is the first time we went to several places before we found a camp spot. Most had ‘no camping’ signs or an entrance fee. We came to learn that Quebec doesn’t wake up even later than Ontario and many places ie rest areas, don’t open yet. It hasn’t impeded us none.

However, we ended up at a nice campsite by the Saguenay River.

We are on our way to Rimouski. Let’s see if Haley can it on the map. Then, we are off to Gaspe Peninsula. I know Michelle found this on the map already.

Be back soon.

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