Gananoque and Prescott

Our search for free campsites is actually opening up great ideas of things to do and see. We stopped at a place called Gananoque, Ontario. When we first arrived it looked pretty deserted.

We visited the boat museum which, though small, was very good. The presenters there were very enthusiastic and gushed about the many authentic, antique items in their museum.

However, the next day, there were thousands of people around. Of course, it was a long weekend and people were coming for boat tours to The Thousand Islands, home to Thousand Island dressing. There are actually 1,082 islands.

We met Elese and Sandra from Iowa, who provided us with warm and interesting companionship on our 3- hour tour of the Thousand Islands. You can see how high the waters were as there were many tiny islands with one house on it, looking like it was sitting in the water.

This is the Boldt Castle which was built for his wife who died before it’s completion.

We continued on Hwy 2 since it was reaping such good results and landed in Prescott. The houses, many made of brick and very old, were quite amazing to see. We stayed on a Marina and walked around the town some.

This is the view from our camper window.

The next day we visited the Fort Wellington National Park.

This is a 1812 gunboat that was raised from the bottom of the St. Lawrence in 1967. The museum was built around it.

I have to say this, so far, is a fantastic trip. The most expensive part, of course, is the gas.

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