We took the Chi-Cheemaun ferry from Manitoulin Island to Tobermoray which is home to two National Parks — the Bruce Peninsula National Park and the Fathom Five National Marine Park. We had read about the ‘Blue Grotto’ but it seemed like the biggest tourist trap so we were going to pass on through.

We decided to stop in at the National Park Visitor Centre to see if there were some good hikes we could do. Were there ever!

First, we went through the museum which was awesome! This is me trying to feed the bear! (Just kidding … He is part of the display. We all know you are not supposed to feed the bears.)

The Fathom Five National Park is considered to be the best diving spot in the world.

We chose the ‘Singing Sands’ as our hiking destination and although it was a lovely walk, we could imagine how beautiful it would be a little later in the year. I, for one, will be angling to return. There is just so much more to explore.

We went from here to Wiarton which is where we spent the night. You guessed it, it was by a lake.

The town is known as the home of ‘Wiarton Willy, an albino weather prognosticating groundhog.

We went on a short walk around to see what there is on this town and came upon these wooden statutes.

Well gotta go. Places to go!


  1. Love the statues… I am getting excited about Newfoundland 2 1/2 weeks and i am on my way. hope we meet up, that would be a bonus… love all the pictures.

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