Manitoulin Island

Our decision to go to Manitoulin Island proved to be an excellent one. Right beside the place where we camped, there was an artist’s centre. There were various artists with a plethora of unique creations. We met Linda Noe who created the most phenominal pieces. I am not able to post them for obvious reasons but if you have a chance to visit, it is well worth the trip. Just as before, we camped by a beautiful lake with a gorgeous view in Gore Bay on Lake Huron.

The local community has built a wooden walkway to protect the ecosystem.

There were many boats, both fishing and leisure. I really like this one.

There were many birds, some with brilliant red wings and some that looked like herons but were pure white. The sounds were out of this world, and the strangest, was, what we deduced, were frogs.

We hiked up the hill to a lookout and could see our camper way down below. We walked 10 km this day and much of it uphill. Though it was cool to see our camper from way up there, it was a bummer to see how far we had to walk to get back to it.

On our way back we met a fellow walker, Pauline, who was born in Gore Bay and had been here her whole life … 87 years!

We saw this deer when we were checking out another camp spot. Evan accidently learned on his horn trying to take the picture (twice) and the deer didn’t even flinch. Next on to Tobermoray… OMG!

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