Wake Up, Ontario!

We thought the only downside to leaving on a cross-Canada trip in early May was that we might hit colder weather. However, it turns out that Ontario doesn’t wake up that early! Parks, information centres, rest areas and other tourist things don’t open until the long weekend in May.

The good news is that when the gates were closed to the rest area where we had intended to stay, we found a real gem at Rainbow Falls in Terrace Bay.

We have stayed in lovely places, so far. You will have seen the rivers, then the lakes reported in previous posts. Now, we can add waterfalls and beaches. Lake, river, waterfall and beach … all in one place. Who could ask for more?

But there is more!

They allow overnight camping, and have an excellent (accessible) kayak and canoe launch.

When we set out the next day, we actually saw a moose! I couldn’t get my camera out in time and some of the people in car wouldn’t go back … aarrgh! (By the way, my husband and I are traveling alone … You do the math).

Here is a picture of Alona Bay, Batchawana Bay on Lake Superior. It sure does take a long time to get around Lake Superior. I am good with that! A superior lake, indeed!

No sand on the beach but there sure are some beautiful rocks!

The scenery along the drive is remarkable. Though some of the pictures turned out quite nice, it is impossible to capture the real essence of the beauty of some of the places we visit … The sounds, the air, the ambiance….

I am grateful each day for this opportunity. More to come…. Much more.

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