Not Still Standing

Coleman, Alberta was featured on the CBC ‘Still Standing’ Season 1 episode 2. We stopped at the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre and heard about the slide in 1903 when 110 million tons from Turtle mountain killed at least 90 people and buried much of the mining town. In 1914, the town suffered an even greater disaster when 185 people were killed in a mine blast.

We stayed for a third night along a lovely river. We had built-in entertainment watching the geese frolicking (I hope that is what they were doing) across the river.

Maple Creek, Saskatchewan was featured on the ‘Still Standing‘ series. The hotel that was mentioned was being restored with the hopes of attracting tourism. Unfortunately, the Commercial Hotel closed its doors once again with all of the investors going bankrupt.After a visit with cousins Gwen and Linda in Regina, we headed toward Montmartre, SK (pronounced Mo’Mart) to take a look at why they call it ‘the Paris of the Prairies’. Here’s why…We passed through Reston, another town featured on ‘Still Standing’ but, although the show was interesting, we didn’t see anything at first pass that would prompt us to stop. We did stop soon after that for the night at Deleau-Sifton Cenntennial Park which has nice washrooms, beautiful surroundings and, best of all, it is free. They do have a donation box which I am sure we are all happy to contribute to.So, all in all, we are having a fabulous time!Stay tuned for more of the adventures of Evan and Joyce!


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