The fun begins!

We could not have found a better place than Jolly Creek to start our journey. The weather was beautiful, as was the campsite.

The music of the gurgling creek right beside us lulled us into a peaceful sleep at night. The hue around the sun in the picture is actually a rainbow. As always, I am hoping to see wildlife. So far, we have seen deer, coyote, hawk, raven… More deer none of which I was able to get photos of. I did get photos of ground squirrelsAnd these dogs (Oakley and Annie) that came to visit at our campsite. Oakley, was so timid and didn’t want to go to anyone. Well, for some reason… Except Evan… Went right to him. Annie was all over us.As we approached tonight’s stop, we saw this osprey.Since we don’t always have internet access, posts may often be delayed. Here we are on our day 2 by Wild Horse River at Fort Steele.More music to sleep by thanks to the river.


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