Newfoundland – Here we come!

It does seem a little sad to leave just when our wisteria (as seen in the feature picture) is starting to bloom and three months does seem a long time to be away from home and family.  However, I can’t help but be excited.  One more sleep!

As I said in a previous blog, written when we first made the decision to take this trip, our plan is to have no plan at all.  That being said, I doubt that I am capable of not planning anything any more than I can follow a recipe.

You may have noticed that I have added a menu item of interesting places to see in each of the Canadian Provinces.  I didn’t get through all the provinces but since I plan to add to the existing ones, I will add the other provinces as we go.

Well, we have a wee bit of a plan.  We plan to visit our cousins Gwen and Linda in Regina, Jo in Toronto, Katie in Montreal and Mona and Brian in PEI.  We will also be dropping some boxes in Toronto for our daughter who is moving there in June.

It is our hope to be able to take in the ‘Kitchenfest’ in Cape Breton Island but, as the plans are not yet posted, we will have to wing it.  Oh right… I am winging it…

Well, we will see you all in September.  Please feel free to drop notes.  I will do my best to reply, especially now that I know that is a thing.

Au Revoir!


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