Paradise: Just another day in Paris

I thought it was ironic that ‘Paris’ is all contained in the word ‘paradise’.  I also thought that the Eiffel Tower could easily be seen and appreciated in pictures.  However, it is truly an experience to see it with ones own eyes.  Here are the pictures through my eyes (via my phone camera though).

We took the elevator rather than the stairs (there are 328 to the first floor alone).  I thought climbing the stairs was on everyone’s bucket list (but not mine).  As it turns out, most people are either wise or lazy.

The view, needless to say, was simply stupendous!

Next, we headed out to take a boat cruise on the river (Bateaux Parisiens).  It was really nice and provide an opportunity to see a number of important sites.

I was provided with yet another opportunity to add a rant to this post.

We headed up to sit on the top deck since it was a beautiful sunny day and we wanted to best view possible to take pictures.  The guy beside me (probably one of ‘those’ tourists), decided he needed to stand  to take his pictures without any consideration that he was blocking everyone else’s view.  The only view I had was out to the side giving me no time to prepare to take pictures until the object was right there.   I should have got his email so he could send his pictures.  Apparently, there are some comments that I am not allowed to make to people.  Okay, rant over.

Next we walked down the Champs Elysee.  All of a sudden, there was a huge cavalcade of police vehicles.  Thankfully, this was part of strikes that were taking place in Paris.   Whew, that is a relief.  I relaxed once I remembered that I was in France, not USA buying shoes to smuggle into Canada.

To get to the Arc de Triomphe, you go under the street through a tunnel.   Without giving it too much thought, we went to the entrance, gave our tickets and walked through the door.  As soon as I had done so, I realized that I was on a one-way stair case and there was no way turn back.  I, therefore, climbed the 284 steps to the top – reminiscent of the Scot Monument that I climbed in Edinburgh.  Well, not quite, the Scot Monument has more – 287!

While the view was spectacular – I do believe there are easier ways to see the view – like the Eiffel Tower by elevator.  This makes not taking the stairs at the Eiffel Tower the best decision I made today.

Later in the day, I was well-rewarded for the kajillion steps I had taken.  We attended a wine-tasting at Les Caves du Louvre.   The tour of Les Caves du Louvre was simply amazing. The guide was excellent and provided a whole new perspective to understanding wine in France and the wine was wonderful.  I wish I had the words to do it justice — even in English.  This is one picture but the rest of are us drinking wine which may not be the prettiest site so we will not include those.

Now it’s time to find something to eat.  I recall saying recently that, when traveling, if you don’t have a specific place in mind to eat, pubs are always a safe bet.  I saw good reviews for the Highlander Scottish Pub and thought ‘it makes perfect sense to go to a Scottish pub while in France’ so we headed out.  Much to our dismay, not only did they not serve food but there was one person in there who, along with the bartender, looked at us as though they were wondering what the heck we were doing there.  Perhaps it comes to life later … I can’t say.

We decided to try a place called Dépôt Légal which had been recommended by the guide on the walking tour.  We arrived at the address and couldn’t find it anywhere so we walked down the street and just ate a small restaurant.  However, when I look at the ‘timelines’ on google maps, it shows that we were at Dépôt Légal for 2.5 hours and doesn’t show any other place.  Now I am wondering if we ate there without realizing it.  Go figure……Perhaps I have to go back and see?



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